Asbestos Pro Services is a fully insured, trained and certified, asbestos contractor. We are equipped to perform comprehensive demolition projects, regardless of the size. We understand that every school is unique and that is why we will treat each project differently, with the attention it deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How frequently should a school check for Asbestos on their property?

    Schools are required by law to have an Asbestos Management Program, which is a plan of how the school plans to maintain the condition of the asbestos. Being over 100 years old the likelihood that the asbestos has deuterated to a point of exposure. Therefor in each Program will be listed a Licensed Asbestos inspector that will conduct a survey every 3 years for the school. This survey will display the ware and tare or condition of ACM (Asbestos Contaminated Material) The report will also include the Asbestos Inspector’s professional recommendations.

  • How likely is it to have Asbestos in your school?

    Most schools being built during the industrial era in the 1900s is highly probable that they have/ contain some shape or form of asbestos. Being known as the miracle mineral and as versatile as it is. very few need to check if they have asbestos. They already know. However, what they are required to do is maintain the condition of the asbestos. Being over 100 years old the likelihood that the asbestos has deuterated to a point of exposure.

  • What are some of the more popular places that Asbestos can be found in a school?

    Asbestos was best known for its insulation properties. Unlike any other mineral its ability to block heat was unmatched. Therefor it is most likely to located in areas involving high amounts of heat. This could pertain to heating units, boilers, floor tiles (most common), and hot water lines that run throughout the entire school.

  • How dangerous can Asbestos be if untreated?

    Asbestos is not dangerous at all SO LONG AS IT REMAINS UNDISTURBED. Yet over the years the wrapping can deteriorate exposing the fibers to outside forces being, passing children, wind, buffer machines vibrating pipes etc. Asbestos is only a danger if it is rendered friable. I should also mention because the fibers are so small the slightest disturbance can cause large amounts of contamination. This is why Asbestos Contractors follow such strict removal procedures to eliminate the amount of exposure that could happen during removal.


“The team at Asbestos Pro was wonderful. Obviously, as a school, our requirements and restrictions are different than other clients. The staff was flexible, knowledgeable and punctual. With our limited knowledge, APS helped us so much, they were very flexible, well staffed and affordable. Their work was excellent.”