Asbestos is very common and has been used in building products for centuries. The applications for asbestos are wide-ranging. Due to the fire-resistant and insulating qualities that asbestos provides, it has been used in thousands of different building products- including pipe insulation, floor tile, ceiling tile, mastics, and much more. It wasn’t until 1973 that the Clean Air Act was issued by the EPA which banned asbestos in fireproofing and insulating purposes. Then in 1989, the ‘Asbestos Ban and Phase Out Rule’ was issued by the EPA. Although the EPA has gone to great lengths to eradicate asbestos completely, it is still used in a variety of different build applications to this day.

It is safe to say that if you are living or working in a building that was built more than 40 or so years ago, there are materials in the walls, floor, or ceiling that contain asbestos. Thankfully, there are safe, legal ways to contain and abate the asbestos when you are deciding whether to renovate, demolish or sell your property.

Asbestos Pro Services and their technicians are highly knowledgeable about every type of asbestos that you may run into and fully trained to remove the asbestos whether it be commercial or residential.

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